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Mavs stepping it up

posted Apr 21, 2011 00:48:26 by SudaeshGanesh
Yes, Dirk has been playing very well, high points and shooting the ball from outside the key, and then you have stojakovic from outside the arc, knocking down 3's but lets not forget the guards who make these plays happen and have a strong influence on the team ; Jason Kidd & J.J "energizer bunny" Barea.

At 35 years old Jason Kidd can still move the team and make plays happen. JJ Barea, possibly the smallest man on the court, steps into the game with all guns blazing, coming off screens, driving to the hoop, making layups and taking hits from the big men under the ring. He then gets up and does it again. Its so much fun watching this little man take on players literally twice his size and really when Kidd comes off, Barea steps up to the plate and keeps the momentum going. Mavs have an amazing bench. What do you guys think of their chances??
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mrcp21 said Apr 21, 2011 08:44:06
The Mavs have really surprised us in their first two games. We thought they would have dropped at least one game, so the series would be tied if not Dallas down. Sudaesh you are right, the guards are making this team through the first two games. Dirk is piling up the statsheet, yet J Kidd is looking like he's 20 just with a bald head.

We see the Mavs making through the first round quite quickly seeing as Portland are also having troubles with Brandon Roy. Next thing is, they play the out of form Lakers in the next round if they go through. This gives them even more of a chance to make the West finals.

Going back to Barea, he is a great bench player and always keeps the tempo at its highest. He really suits the Mavs, as Kidd cant play 36+ minutes every game. This gives Barea the court time to really make an impact in all situations. Barea is a very big factor to how far the Mavs really do go.

Thanks for the great topic Sudaesh, keep them up, and get your friends on here to sign up and hopefully everyone follows your lead :)
Orlando Magic ftw
SudaeshGanesh said Apr 21, 2011 09:04:17
The only reason I can talk about the mavs is because its the only playoff series ONE HD is showing! With so many other fun teams to watch i.e Chicago, Celtics, Heat and Kobe's rage, ONE HD is being a whore that deserves to be put in her place.
mrcp21 said Apr 29, 2011 04:32:11
we saw lakers/hornets game 6 today
that was big
Orlando Magic ftw
SteveChalmers said Apr 30, 2011 13:24:31
mavs to tha second round bitchez. dirka dirka, mohammad jihad is killin that shit out there. with a "jet" pack by his side, they might just stop the lakers cold.
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