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NBA lockout your predictions? opinions?

posted Aug 25, 2011 02:53:25 by ChrisHoole
Just wanted to see what everyone thinks about the lockout, what will happen, what should happen? I'm going to the US in october and am hoping for it to be over quick so i can catch opening night at staples centre and maybe a chicago game as well! I read the other day that its the players holding on for a better deal, and some not happy about the proposed 'flex' cap, thinking it's a hard cap. So from what i have heard we are waiting for the players to just agree on a deal!
My prediction, it will be over before the start of the proposed season. This is also based on the fact that I haven't been to the US and really really REALLY want to see an NBA game :)

What have you heard, what are your thoughts?
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mrcp21 said Sep 17, 2011 06:53:05
Well Chris sorry to be late on this discussion, and obviously a lot has gone on between when you posted this and was curious compared to where we're at now.
Yes you're right that the players don't like the proposed soft cap vs hard cap deal. Where the players are asking for more, while the owners are pleading for less as 27 owners out of the total 30 teams made a loss last season.
Therefore the NBA really isn't a profitable business at this current time, and therefore this brings up the lockout, where owners can't afford to pay their players huge amounts while continuing to not get anything in return.
In this case, and what has gone on between the start of the lockout and now, I would say that you're missing out my man once you hit the states.
If you are literally getting there at the commencement of the season, I don't have great news for you. The season will be delayed, as the players are all standing together on this one, and they are finding some quick pocket money elsewhere overseas.
So you might be seeing something else at Staples or even in Chicago but you're best bet at the moment is they put on a quick pick up game for the fans to see, something like the big guys have been doing recently.

We're all hurting here, but obviously it's even more painful for you that the NBA isn't being played.
Orlando Magic ftw
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